This site is the result of a personal research (extended over a period of at least forty years, the last ten of which were spent studying "The Key of the Mirror") and written for all those who are looking for an explanation and a solution to the current situation. It is a kind of summary, a bit schematic at times. I will of course complete it. But this is the story told MY way :-)

It presents the only possible solution to reverse the mechanism and move towards a just, free and peaceful world. I did not find this solution. I found the one who found it. Claude Traks, author of "La Clef du Miroir", published by COMMUNICARE. On the home page of his site you can read written in large letters:

"Instead of smiling, read the summary of this message because it is of an unassailable logic...".

I think with all my being that what he says is right.

But copying and pasting all of Claude's texts would be useless. So here is

Claude Traks' "Key to the Mirror" explained in my own way with my favorite subjects. A starting point of knowledge on these subjects and ideas to really evolve.

It also exists for these reasons:

1) On one of the pages of Claude Traks' book, "The Key to the Mirror", it is written: "Write to me on this page, whenever you feel like it". This page is this site. It's the little I know about everything that is not taught in school or that education explains differently. The goal: To help all those who are interested in these subjects and a better world for their children.

2) Because I am revolted by the lies and the destruction they cause.

3) For Nature and the Animals Who Are OUR BROTHERS...

The Key to understand and explain is UNIQUE.

At present, the text is short. I will change the images by putting my own. A book about this experience is being written. For children and all friends.

Info: Claude Traks is the ONLY spokesperson, interface of the Family of Fertile Light on Earth Gaia ... I am only delivering this unique information to you ...

What to find in this mini site ?


1) The "Key of the Mirror". 2) Pillars. 3) 3 Things. 4) Animals. 5) Plants, Trees, Stones. 6) Energy. 7) Frequency. 8) Gaia.


1) Frankenstein I & II. 2) Natural laws. 3) Spirit. 4) Elements. 5) Door, Tunnel, Filter. 6) Family of Light. 7) Groups, Egregores. 8) Vocabulary


Audio, CD/DVD, Photos, Videos, Search, Links

My apologies if this seems incomplete. I will make the site evolve. Again, this is the little I know about everything that you are not taught ...

The points marked with a "*" are points I am busy developing.

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Presenting Data From The Current Situation - How did we get here?

1. The planet is in danger! I can't believe I have to write this!

In my opinion, we are like computers. We are the hardware. The programs to make it work (badly) are what we are taught: school + media.

The data does not seem to bring the expected results of a great civilization in peace.

How is this possible?

After observation and reflection, we come to believe that these apparently "good" data are not good, given the result: an incredible destruction of Life that is becoming the only possible future.

What do we do with programs that crash? We delete them and put in new ones that work well and that we are sure will bring the expected results.

We need to do the same. Re-programming ourselves

How do we do it? With what?

Re-programming: but how? and re-programming with what? In what way are the data with which education programs us to be avoided in order to evolve towards a civilization that can be qualified as human? And what would be the new data? This is the answer of this site and its reading key.

Click this link to see how this society generates avoidable suffering and destruction.

* A Wink - The comparison Vehicle of Gaia = Man / Computer Do exactly the opposite of the 15 pillars!

Example : Slogans ?

This system violates the laws of nature

Do you prefer : The market or life? The market or life? Chemistry or life? Fear or life? Death or life?

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Change = Thoughts & Energies, the only solution that can work, in my humble opinion...

This is what I say when asked what to do?

Again, this solution is not the easy way. The easy way, we are already there and we see what it looks like!

1. Change Our Thoughts

2. Change Our Food

Strive to spend as much time as possible in the energy of the key.

Make energy hygiene a priority.

Make it a priority to evolve into a different food.

The most important one is still the mind. So, what we learn. Learning new things.

Re-programming ourselves by replacing the 15 pillars with their fertile equivalent, i.e. the opposite.

See To Help, 3 Levels.

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Key to Reading

This will be the title of the book I am writing.

In fact, I have been preparing to write it for 61 years now

To explain why Claude Traks, author of "The Key to the Mirror" brings about the right knowledge,

In the light of my personal experience

In this book, the reader will learn that :

At the age of 6 months, therefore, in the cradle, beware you will laugh ...

At the age of 2 years, six o'clock in the morning, in winter

At the age of 2, the truth in the gums of a teacher

At the age of 3, Mr. "I know everything"

At the age of 5, first direct contact with an official representative of the Shadow

At the age of 9, I would have told you more or less the same thing as now...

At the age of 27, Frankenstein

At the age of 61, persists and signs



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Here is the ONLY author who, in my opinion, can claim (and he does claim!) to have found the solution...

Here is an excerpt from the book, "La Clef Du Miroir" ...

"Have you ever had the impression that our world turns upside down? What if I proved to you that it really does turn systematically upside down? In other words, what if I proved to you by A+B that our "modern" culture programs us to live in a culture which is the exact opposite of a healthy culture, favourable to an optimal evolution... Would you be able to accept it? Because, in the end, almost everyone agrees that the world is going crazy and that we have to change something or else humanity will disappear... "But what to change and what to keep?"

This book is for those who can still think and choose for themselves! Whether you are a believer or an atheist, understanding THE Key can change your life by helping you understand that many of your sufferings do not come from the "imperfections of your life", but from our culture! What you will find is the opposite of almost everything you have learned before! But if you take the time to think about it logically, you will understand that THE KEY is real. But to integrate it, you have to study all the little injunctions/pillars of our culture to understand that it is the opposite of a fertile culture that favors diversity and an optimal evolution. And, to do this, we must dare to ask the questions that disturb. For example: 1/ What makes our culture self-destruct? Is there a cause behind the causes? 2/ What would an ideal culture be made of in the sense of "optimum"?

This culture that optimizes evolution, fertility and diversity has existed for thousands of years! It gives us the instructions to raise the souls of our children in an optimal way, for a harmonious relationship between men and women, for a "divine" food, to organize life in society (families or communities) in a way that brings out the best in everyone, to connect to the other side of the mirror via shamanism or other connection techniques. Religious people have burned the books of this culture, demonized its image, destroyed its temples in order to annihilate its memory. But intelligence and common sense will always find it!

Our world has been based on lies for so long that almost no one knows that they are lies anymore! Don't trust the adult world blindly, because their logic includes the fact that it would be utopian to prevent our civilization from "self-destructing". The world imposed on us is not serious, intelligent or responsible. Whatever your age, you must keep your childish soul, the one that asks questions and knows that, somewhere, there must be ways to make this world right! Although everything is interesting, beware of everything that is successful because, as this world destroys everything, everything that can be integrated into this system is there to get you back. If you really want to live your life and help humanity by feeding yourself with something other than a life of consumption and entertainment, get off the beaten track, take the side roads, get interested in everything that this same system rejects!

The Key is THE revelation we've been waiting for, the one we call the Apocalypse! If it is integrated, it will take our civilization to the next stage of the Bible, the Koran and the Torah: Humanity!"

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Here is what Claude and Laurène advise us to do right now with the Family of the Fertile Light:

1) Apologize (flat on your back! crushing yourself small) for all the destruction wrought by the mortifying system in which we all participate.

2) To thank and recognize their creative genius. Thank them for the bodies we inhabit, nature and all Life on this planet.

3) To say that we have understood and that we want to help too. But we must persuade them.

To go faster :

Conditions to have the help of the Family of Fertile Light

1) To have a program, a common dream that is in the laws of fertility

2) To stop pollution and start healing, cleaning the oceans, the earth...

3) That there is a minimum of people who make this choice, not to be perfect but to tend towards fertility

For you

1) focus on yourself - mission

2) Support as much as possible people in the consciousness of fertility - Energy boats ...

3) Imagine the world you would like to have for your children. Get into the momentum of fertility.

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The Indians say that cows are sacred. I say they all are.

I truly believe that we should not even ride a horse or kill a fly.

Some say, "After us flies..." But after us, there won't even be flies.

I can already hear the questions: "Do animals have a soul? Do they have feelings? Do they think? etc..." My answer is Yes, Yes, Yes ...

Since we are the only ones to connect the low and high frequencies, animals are automatically under our protection. And what do we do?

When aggression occurs with animals, it is because they are being attacked in one way or another. They are only defending themselves. And it is allowed and even advised to defend their lives.

The octopus recognizes human faces. Elephants run away when they hear hunters but not if they are tourists. Sharks love to be petted by divers, just like dogs.

"I can remember when the buffalo were so numerous that they could not be counted, but the Wasichus (white men) killed them so many times that only carcasses remain where they used to graze. The Wasichus did not kill them to eat; they killed them for the metal that makes them crazy and they kept only the skin to sell it. Sometimes they didn't even skin them. They only took the tongues, and I've heard of fireboats going down the Missouri River loaded with dried buffalo tongues. Sometimes they didn't even take the tongues; they just killed them for the sake of killing. The people who did that were crazy. When we hunted buffalo, we did so only as we needed to. "Hehaka Sapa, great Sioux chief

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Let's start like this. I am a bit like "Dogmatix": I don't like it when trees are cut down. You'll laugh but it hurts me inside.

Animals are alive. Plants and trees too. Rocks are the mineral kingdom and they are also an expression of life.

So, out of simple respect for life and the different forms in which it expresses itself and manifests itself, it seems to me that we don't have the right to practice what is practiced in the modern world and I am not the only one to think that:

"We see the hand of the Great Spirit in almost everything: the sun, the moon, the trees, the wind and the mountains; sometimes we approach him through them. (...) We believe in the Supreme Being, with a faith much stronger than that of many whites who have called us pagans... The Indians living close to nature and the Master of nature do not live in darkness. Did you know that the trees speak? They do! They talk to each other and will talk to you if you listen. The trouble with white people is that they don't listen! They never listened to the Indians, so I guess they won't listen to the other voices of nature either. Yet the trees have taught me a lot: sometimes about the weather, sometimes about animals, sometimes about the Great Spirit." Tatanga Mani (or Walking Buffalo), Stoney Indian (Canada)

"The white people don't care about the land, the deer or the bear. When we Indians look for the roots, we make little holes. When we build our tipis, we make small holes. We use only dead wood. The white man turns over the soil, cuts down trees, destroys everything. The tree says, "Stop, I'm hurt, don't hurt me. But he cuts it down and chops it up. The spirit of the earth hates him. He pulls up the trees and shakes them to their roots. It saws the trees. It hurts them. The Indians never hurt, but the white man tears everything down. He blows up the rocks and leaves them scattered on the ground. The rock says, "Stop, you're hurting me. But the white man doesn't pay attention. When the Indians use the rocks, they take them small and round to make their fire... How could the spirit of the earth love the white man?... Wherever he touches it, he leaves a wound." Wintu Elder (California Indians)

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I am sure that everything is only energy.

Matter is frozen sound says Claude Traks and sound is energy so we are energy and everything is energy.

Why should we absorb solid food? To answer this question, we need to talk about the chakras, energy turbines, of which the physical body has a minimum of 7 main ones. Each of them corresponds to an energy related to other dimensions of existence. These different levels can have different characteristics. The need to eat manifests itself most at the first level. And some people do not cease to maintain us there. The higher you go, the less you feel the need to eat. At least that is my explanation.

Speaking of energy, "Nuclear no thanks!".

Other points:

We can use what is on the surface of the earth.

Techniques like drilling, fracking, and other violence should not take place.

Everything is alive:

* Iron

* Kali yuga

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Each energy generates frequencies

Ear: 20 Hz - 20 Khz

Sight: of the order of the micrometer for a spectrum going from 1 picometer to 1 kilometer

Link to image diagram

It follows that we perceive only limited spectra of frequency. Those that we do not perceive nevertheless exist.

This is where we find out what man is really for. And it is very far from what we imagine. We find "that" crazy and it is logical: we have been educated to find "that" crazy.

Man is the only being who can connect with both the very High frequencies of Light and the very Low frequencies of Shadow without losing his nature and, in addition, his cells serve as interdimensional doors so that souls can go Home. The first time I read this, it was Claude Traks who was speaking on this subject. And as I try to explain the "Key" in my own way, I find that I am using the same words as he did. It's just that I'm going to explain what I understood about this subject.

Man does not do what he is designed to do by the plan that we would immediately like to call "divine". And I am reassured when I am told that the word is not right, because for me it is not right to say divine either. It's just that we don't know what else to say.

So I tend to call them that: the Fertile Family of Light, I say "G.A." (kind companions). The Family of the Shadow, I say "G.O." (Gentils Organisteurs = kind organizers).

* Shakras

* Musical Notes*

* Dimensions*

* = I'll develop this soon, partly on the site and partly in the book.

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Empathy. Sales "champions" know how to do this: put themselves in the customer's shoes.

And can they do the same for the Earth?

* A Wink - The Gaïa / Garage comparison

Let's recap

Man is diverted from his natural mission on Gaia. He is prevented by all means from fulfilling it and in particular by the food that is imposed on him. Plus all the pollutions... But all pollutions have the same source. The pollution of thoughts.

Disempowered on all levels, Man is sick. In addition to being impeded, Man is obliged to produce, consume, and shut up... There, in addition to being destroyed himself, he also destroys his environment.

I often hear people say: "The Earth belongs to everyone". Each time I feel like answering: "No, it does not belong to anyone. It is not a heritage or a resource. It is the mother and father of life here. We are her children. In fact, it is you who belong to her. Bodies are part of a "divine" plan that you do not fulfill. Not only do you not fulfill it, but you destroy everything..."

"Our land is worth more than money. It will always be there. It will not perish, even in the flames of a fire. As long as the sun shines and the water flows, this land will be here to give life to men and animals. We cannot sell the lives of men and animals. That is why we cannot sell this land. It was placed here by the Great Spirit and we cannot sell it because it does not belong to us." Blackfeet Indian Chief

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Frankenstein I & II

In 1987 and 1988, I wrote the music for two ballets. How did I come to this?

A wonderful example to illustrate deep interests and more or less unconscious actions.

It starts very early. With music... In rehearsal with friends. A guy arrives because he knows the bass player who told him that you play "Sultans of swing" like Mark himself. And that's how it starts.

Then the right questions to ask are: 1) Frankenstein and Excalibur, why these titles? 2) Why did I get the chance to write the music?

The answer to #1) leads to the next. Why did Jorge Lefebre, Artistic Director of the Ballet, title his works in this way? It is the presentation, in my opinion, of the problem and its solution. Frankenstein, the technological world and its disasters, Excalibur, the sword that cuts, that liberates ...

Answer to 2) - Life has naturally led me to combine music and personal interests and a succession of situations has taken shape for me to meet people.

To explain this in detail, it would be nice to write a book about my life. This is in progress. It will be my Key to Reading.

It would also be very well complemented by Frankenstein II & Excalibur II (Musical albums)

A comic book.

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Laws of Nature

Again, this is my explanation in my own way and it is far from complete.

These laws are there to promote maximum freedom. Basically, we can do whatever we want except...


The 15 pillars of the sleeping culture of the Shadow.

To Intervene In The Evolution Of Others

Not to do to others ...

Desired and Permitted

Self Defense

To speak in his own name

Everything Must Evolve

The interest of the 7 future generations

Are not natural laws:

Law of the strongest

Karmic law

The rules and their exceptions.

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C'est mon sujet préféré. Et je ne sais pas ce qu'il se passe mais en faisant cette image et son texte, je ne parviens pas à supprimer le mot "Dragons"

Oui, depuis tout petit (en fait depuis que tu es capable de suivre les conversations des "grands") ce qui est relatif à l'esprit m'intéresse.

Le pouvoir de l'esprit et celui de la pensée...

La différence entre âme et esprit. Car je sais depuis longtemps que l'esprit est immortel. Mais pas l'âme ni le corps. Encore une fois, je vais répondre à ces questions relatives à ma manière, en parlant en mon nom et sans faire référence à quiconque même pas à Claude Traks. Et vous allez voir pourquoi, non seulement je suis d'accord avec lui, mais en plus, je pense que nous sommes au plus proche possible de la [justesse] avec ces infos.

Nous faisons tous partie d'une seule Conscience s'expérimentant elle-même subjectivement ...

Cette conscience a tout créé par la Pensée.

L'esprit veut s'incarner dans la matière. Pour ne pas se perdre en cours de route,il envoie plutôt un double de lui-même qu'il se fabrique, l'âme, pour quitter Le Tout et faire une expérience dans la matière.

L'âme a le droit de rentrer à la maison si elle le veut. Il existe un pacte divin qui dit que : " ".

Nos pensées créent notre réalité en miroir

Nous sommes le miroir. C'est pourquoi toute tentative de vouloir changer les choses avec la force physique ne peut pas fonctionner

Ce sont les pensées qui créeront le changement

L'Avatar va demander conseil au dragon.

Mais le rapport avec les dragons, c'est aussi le rapport avec les éléments

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The Elements - This entire topic is classified *

Sylphs : Air

Undines : Water

Gnomes : Earth

Salamander : Fire








Diving: this thing has fascinated me since I was young.

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Filter - Door - Tunnel ?

Very important subject

Another subject that has always interested me very much.

So, La Source Noire (Patrice Van Eersel). We are all immortal (Patrick Drouot). The subtle worlds have fascinated me for a long time, at least since high school.

All these books talk about life after life and immortality.

The astral does not constitute the Subtle Upper Worlds that we say are divine.

Tunnel of life choices

To pass this filter, you must leave the Shadow in the cloakroom*.

One can train oneself to pass this filter thanks to shamanism with the mushrooms known as veritogenic with psylocybin

Pure Consciousness (so-called Divine Worlds)

Emptiness: Filter of death

Astral forces

Invisible Government



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Family of the Fertile Light

Even when I was pretty drunk, I couldn't stop thinking about them. I was (and still am) absolutely certain that they exist and protect us. The concept of a single god never met my deepest acceptance. But although I was born into a biological atheist family, this atheism does not fulfill me either. If, as they describe it, life has no meaning. What's the point of having an experience that you don't remember, because since there's nothing before, there's nothing after either.

We can ask them for help if we dare to knock on their door.

Claude Traks is their only biological interface on Gaia.

They are ready to help men on 3 conditions:

1) Carry the banner of their values

2) Stop polluting Gaia without delay and clean it up

3) The more numerous we are to join the camp of Life, the faster the situation will evolve in a desirable way for the children.

We are currently in the phase of choice. Not to choose consciously is equivalent to joining the Shadow. This is not "wrong". It is a respectable choice not to want to choose...

If one day you met visible representatives of the Family of Fertile Light, how would you react?

Here is a little "tip" that Claude Traks gives you. He is their only interface, I repeat.

By the way, there is already a page just for that, here :

Link to 3 things to do ...

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Sociopathic No

Energy Hygiene conscious? Yes!

No revenge but the ...

Self Defense

Again, I can go way back in my memory and give examples of the strength of egregores.

As Claude Traks says, "it's religions that are laughing ..." I agree with him.

Football stadiums, rock concerts, ...

Who are we to act like this? Apologies. At least on 3 points: nuclear, children and animals. Here's the link to a news item from the cosmos.


I'm only posting the link because it's info from a book by the winner of my research, "2012 is no joke, even if everything you've been told about that date is wrong," Claude Traks.

We really owe the Fertile Light Family an apology. For all this destruction that we are all responsible for. This is the first number on their "phone". The full phone number, here it is:

Link to 3 things to do ...

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Vocabulary - This point amuses me a lot.

Linguistics and Noam Chomsky. The manufacture of consent clarifies many obscure points.


The language of birds

This is how I do it.

I try to avoid systematically the automatisms of language, without however always succeeding. In this case, I correct. I don't agree with what I said automatically. I express it and explain myself why. (I do this mentally).

I try to use words that I know exactly what they mean and carefully forget the pejorative and other connotations induced by social engineering.

I like the fact that we are all telepaths. I regret the fact that people try to make us believe that we are not. The Astral is a natural wi-fi that we all pick up and influence.

Vocabulary and Writing and why necessarily writing? Can knowledge be transmitted in any other way than in writing? Of course it can. But it is easier if it is written to make a large number of people sing the same thing... This is a very effective way of "seeding" the Astral with all the instructions that are needed to make all men act in the same way.

I have a lot more to say about vocabulary.

For example:

Elements of Knowledge Transmitted Through Speech

Words that start with "con":

The other oriented words: benefit, profit, arrange, arranged, & ...

The Word : "The Word Is Creator

Shifts in word meaning. Best example : the word "apocalypse

Change in the time of the vocabulary

Words with signs

Acronyms :



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The Family of Fertile Light

Force Necessary for Life and Evolution

This is the uplifting updraft of evolution

This Energy comes to Earth

Never force anyone to do anything

Don't lie

Unconditional Forgiveness

Legitimate Defense

High Vibrational Frequency


Pass the filter ...


Total tolerance

Can coexist with the Shadow only if it is the light that is in power

This Energy is coming to Earth

As I feel that the words "dieus", or "deities" do not really fit them, I call them "G.A" (Gentle Companions)

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The Shadow Family

Other Force Necessary for Life and Evolution

It does not coexist with the Family of Fertile Light

This Energy is leaving the Earth.

This is the energy that sleeps, that descends

Incessantly imposing

Moves on and on

Law of karma

Rancor, revenge

Ease = "shatan"

Low vibrational frequency


Can't get through the filter

Physical punishment, law of the strongest, greatest


And the shadow pawns, I call them "G.O." (Gentle Organizers)

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Future of Life ...

...on this Planet

A golden age for all life. An earthly paradise ...

A School for Life

A beautiful planet for All Life

Man will fulfill his mission: to serve as the Ark of the Covenant

It is a divine covenant that says this:

Every soul must have the opportunity to be able to return home one day

How? Cellular Breathing

Our cells = Interdimensional Gates

Reconnecting to the part of us that has remained on the other side of the mirror

Developing our natural telepathy

Nurturing the energies in tune with the Key

This comes down to "cleansing" the Astral

See the conditions for the Fertile Family of Light to help us


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First Way to Help

This is the easiest step.

But how?

1) Choose your family of values: the Shadow or the Light. Both are necessary for Life, they are evolution.


Sort out your thoughts

Determine what values they are in line with

Keep, Validate thoughts in harmony with the energy of the key

Reject, do not validate unwanted thoughts

Knowing the 15 Shadow looters

Understand that ilms lead to sleep and destruction

Knowing what to replace these 15 pillars with

It's pretty simple, it's just the opposite.

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Second Way to Help

Tend to ...

So, in addition to thinking, imagining, acting.


No Radio

Minimum Consumption

Pay with Cash





True meditation




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Warrior of Light

Third Way to Help.

A total commitment to life

Not everyone has to get involved, but a few more would be just the thing

Leaving the continents

Living in the wild

Be mostly alone

Improving connection with the unseen worlds

Seeking allies in these same dimensions

Energy hygiene = absolute necessity

Ceremonies and retreat whenever he has been invaded by the reverse divine state of mind.

If you are a warrior

you should ...

... come up with more ideas

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Message from Your Star Family:

"Why don't we step in now? Sorry, but we're going to let you stew a little longer so you understand one thing, from the depths of your cells, to your Spirit, to your soul... The most horrific dictatorship of all time has taken over your "not-so-civilized civilization." Hitler would look like a teddy bear if we let them. And not enough of you have figured out one very simple thing: you can do NOTHING about them without our help.

They are only waiting for a pretext to start their "final solution", i.e. the eradication of a large part of the population, starting with the one that is the most Human, that still has a conscience, that is still able to think. And so they will not hesitate for a second to start with you.

Your little Claude who has been begging us for so many years to believe in you, to try to persuade us that you will be able to change radically by accepting our Laws of Fertile Love knows something about it: they killed his entire family and many of his friends, one by one in unspeakable tortures... Drove most of the ones/she loves crazy... But even though they often succeeded in putting him down, NEVER stopped believing... BELIEVING IN YOU WHO READ THESE WORDS...

Because the real challenge is not to believe in us, YOUR FAMILY of stars that you left so long ago, but to believe in yourself, in your ability to change everything in your life from one day to the next. And not enough of you are still hoping for us, for being ready to change radically in the most radical way in the history of radicalism. And to commit to carrying our banner as your little Claude tells you over and over again... We need a bigger team to administer and organize the Golden Age of this planet, because we're not the ones who will do that job.

We can rid you of the dark forces that have held this planet for so long and protect your borders by integrating you into our Intergalactic Alliance. For the rest, you must be self-sufficient. And we need your formal commitment to send an email, as clearly stated in this VDO. We want your commitment "body and soul". This may sound trivial. But we also want to know that you are willing to do what you are told...

Because when we land, it won't be a time for discussions: everything will have to be changed and very quickly. And so do what you are told. Later, when the emergency is over, we can discuss. Earth Gaia can't stand all this pollution, but especially all this hatred. We are doing our best to make her wait a little longer, as she has a growing urge to eject all of you and take a break without unruly, selfish children to carry.

Everything is ready, but you will have to trust us completely. That's why you must pledge your allegiance to us. And don't forget that all those who insult or criticize us, will go back to square one: the excalibur sword to the throat with its words: "you are accused of trying to destroy a whole planet, 7 billion souls, and hundreds of billions of animals, trees, plants etc. We forgive you if you do exactly as we say and that starts with sharing this VDO, accepting and understanding our LAWS and sending your commitment email NOW! Don't forget that we come to save the Earth and the souls who are ready to completely challenge themselves to transmute 100% of the part of themselves that are participating in this attempted genocide of life on Earth.

We don't need you, you need us. If you don't do what we tell you and you don't "die of desire" to learn to become a truly Human being, then you are part of the obstacles we are meant to destroy (or rather move) so that those who have kept a child's soul can take over this planet. It is not YOUR life that is at stake, but LIFE... this is your last chance, you will not have another one before an eternity, and that is very long. If you close your eyes, we are already here, next to you. And listen carefully to what "little Claude" tells you, because for the moment you only have him to learn how your culture is the Culture of Death, and how we are going to propel you into the culture of life that transcends death... If you fight for us and carry our banner, you will feel that we are the wave that carries you... We all love each other since forever and for Eternity. We are your true father, your true mother, your true sisters and brothers... AND we weep with the Joy of being reunited with all of us... You have only one choice left to make and be... See you soon..."

Message from Your Star Family - Claude Traks

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One day, my father asked me if I loved my daughters ...

The content of these pages is the best answer for me.

Because what else would I tell them?

For Alison, Emmanuelle, Selene, Robin, Sybille, Bruno, my mom, and all the others

There is no truth.

There is only one way life works.

If we know it, we must defend it.

That's why, now, I dare to say "it's not me that's turning upside down, it's you." Even though the you is pretty much everyone,

... Since, on this planet it works backwards.

But it does make sense ...

Push you to awaken the defender of life that is in each of us,

Showing you exactly what not to do

That's it, so you can't tell me, "He knew! And he didn't say anything!!!"

That's my way of responding to the first line ...

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